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We have temporary laborers available three shifts a day, seven days a week. We welcome last minute and early morning orders.


We guarantee ZERO NO-SHOWS*, or you don't pay!

If you place a next day order for 10 temporary laborers and only 9 show up, those 9 work free all day long.* Unmatched in the industry - 100% different than every other company.

Face to face dispatch. We see our temporary labor applicants before you do.

Due to the fact that we dispatch our temporary labor applicants in person and not by telephone, we are able to screen for attitude, cleanliness, proper work apparel, safety equipment, and alcohol use. We were one of the first temporary labor companies to implement a mandatory Breath-Alcohol test for every temporary labor applicant. This increases quality and safety for you.

We provide the temporary laborers with transportation to and from your job site. So that the number of temporary laborers you requested arrive on time and in an organized fashion.

We pay all temporary laborer related expenses.

You pay only the hourly rate for each temporary laborer. We take full responsibility for worker's compensation insurance, federal and state taxes, FICA and unemployment. Your entire temporary labor payroll consists of one check to Labor Works.

We offer competitive rates for a variety of jobs.

Whether you need somebody for general assembly work or heavy lifting, we have temporary laborers ready to work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our temporary laborers can be hired by your company, without a buyout fee, after just 240 hours of working through Labor Works.

*Restrictions and Exclusions apply. Contact your local Labor Works sales representative for details.

Guaranteed Zero No-Shows

We guarantee ZERO "NO-SHOWS", or you don't pay! If you place a next day order for 10 temps and only 9 show up, those 9 work free all day long. Unmatched guarantee in the industry.
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The information contained in this website is for advertising and general guideline purposes. The information contained herein is provided without any knowledge as to the identity or specific circumstances of any reader. Nothing in the language of this website is intended to create the impression or promise of continued employment beyond the initial day-to-day employment arrangement between Labor Works and any potential readers/users of this site as of the date of hire.

Labor Works is in the business of providing temporary employees as needed on a temporary basis by our clients. Labor Works satisfies the needs of a fluctuating and indeterminate labor market that is characterized by constant change. As a result, Labor Works’ relationship with those it chooses to employ must be flexible to meet these needs on a daily basis.

Labor Works maintains this flexibility by engaging employees on a day-to-day basis and paying those employees in full at the end of each work day (2nd and 3rd shift employees are paid the next morning following their shift). Labor Works’ temporary employees are therefore separated from Labor Works’ payroll at the end of each working day.

Daily separation from payroll allows Labor Works to meet the needs of the market it serves. Temporary employees are paid for services rendered at the end of each day. Temporary employees are required to sign up each day to be considered for re-hire on subsequent days.

Therefore, the employment relationship between Labor Works and its temporary employees is consummated, completed and finished at the end of each daily work assignment. As long as a person signs up each day, that person is eligible to be employed each day, but there is no promise or guarantee of continued employment beyond a temporary employee’s initial hire or re-hire date. Employment and re-employment is dependent upon the availability of work assignments among other considerations.

If you acknowledge and accept the aforementioned terms, your use of this site serves as your acceptance AND understanding of the conditions and terms of this agreement.